Looking for Unique Sex Toy? Here’s What to Buy…

Video Camera Vibrator

It’s a special product in the sex toy world. And for an important reason…

It’s a hidden video camera vibrator from Beyourlover!

So it’s a 2-in-1 product. And it provides many advantages that you don’t get from a regular sex toy.

For example…Try the Svakom Siime video camera vibrator.

#1 – Minimum Camera Setup.

You now don’t need to setup a “shabby studio” to have sex with video camera.

All you need is this vibrator. It’ll give you the sexual pleasure needed. And at the same time, you can control it for proper viewership!

Why This Matters…
You know how uncomfortable it is to have sex with video camera?

For starters, you need to spend time positioning. You have to see where the camera should go, and why…

You have to test and re-test.

And for the best quality, you’re doing this multiple times to get multiple angles.

So it’s tough work.

Normal setups don’t let you record up-close.

You can’t use an HD camera (or iPhone) for up-close sex. You’d need a 3rd cameraman for that to work…

Or, you can have your partner hold the camera, but we doubt they can control it “mid act.”

#2 – It’s Wireless.

Which means no cords dangling around while taping!

And who wants corded cameras anyway?

With a video camera vibrator, you’re probably not filming porn in an expensive studio.

You probably just want something decent on camera.

So it has to be wireless. You now don’t need to worry about nearby sockets, plugins, or wires all over the place!

Easier to Handle.
You’ll rarely find a vibrator that works with cords.

Usually, cords are used as a way of “recharging batteries.” And that’s all…

Because if you think about it, even the simplest acts like masturbating need to be cordless. Otherwise, no one would buy them.

What Wireless Also Means.
It means you can easily transfer tapings from your hidden video camera vibrator, and to your computer.

And this sex toy camera is compatible with all operating systems. It works with Windows, Mac, and Android devices!

#3 – You Get an App for it Too.

This app lets you control the video functions of the camera.

In fact, it doesn’t stop there. Installing this app on your computer lets you live stream what you’re recording!

And this works well, especially if you make money on sex cam sites.

There, many models who stream sex acts. So this tool seems like the perfect addition to their arsenal.

You can watch how what you do gets displayed on video.

And this lets you modify what you do as you go. So it gives you a chance to handle this hybrid device properly.

It teaches you to record well while getting pleasure!

#4 – It Doesn’t Sacrifice User Experience.

We know this is an odd advantage to mention, but hear us out…

Sometimes, manufacturers will try to make a product, jamming multiple functions into it. And in the process, quality is lost…

Now, you might assume this vibrator shares that fate. But that’s not the case. And here’s why…

Can Still Use it For Private Pleasure.
And that’s because it comes with a “5 speed/ vibration mode!”

So it offers much more than average vibrators. It lets you control the intensity of the experience as you wish!

Long Battery Life.
After all, if you’re operating a camera and vibrator, the battery has to last long.

Cameras alone use too much power. And their batteries must be durable (with fast recharge times).

HD Camera.
This lets you upload some high resolution footage of what you record.

You now don’t need to worry about looking like a 90s movie. With this hidden camera vibrator, all you record will be in quality!

#5 – Good Guarantee.

This product costs around $200. And we’ll admit, that’s quite pricey for a sex toy…

But all advantages considered, it’s a fair price. And to top it all off, it comes with an amazing guarantee!

You get a “1 month money back guarantee.” And the warranty last you a full year, with 24/7 customer support!

It doesn’t get better than that for a sex toy.

There’s Nothing More to Wait For.
Head online, and get your Svakom Siime wireless video camera vibrator now!


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