5 Things You Need in the Best Video Camera Vibrator

Want to record yourself masturbating?

Some women do, and you might be one.

It’s a pleasurable thing to do. It adds an extra dimension of fun to your experience…

It lets you make your experience more social.

However, doing so is a little hard. Because you’re focusing on both masturbating, and positioning yourself to a Siime Eye video camera.

How to Fix That Problem.

That’s right. It’s a tool that combines both recording and using the tool into one!

However, you need to ensure that the video camera vibrator you select is the best. And we’ll help you with that…

Below are 5 things to look for. Read the list, then start shopping!

#1 – Long Life Battery.

Yes, a sex toy camera needs a long-lasting battery.

Why? Because the battery’s power will be split doing two things…

The first is the vibration. And the second is the recording.

Important Note.
Recording by itself uses tons of battery power. So traditional batteries don’t work.

You need something durable and rechargeable. Thus, your sex toy camera must come with a cord that lets you do that.

As for vibration, this can use a ton of power too. Especially since you need…

#2 – Multiple Vibration Options.

Being able to increase the vibration intensity is part of a good experience.

First, it makes masturbation more pleasurable. And if you can get that on camera, then you’re in a favorable position…

Because that’s what you want when hooking in viewers. You want the intensity to increase as time goes on.

The additional options shouldn’t cause extra noise.

In fact, you want the vibrator to be silent. You don’t want the internal mechanisms to be heard in the recording.

And speaking of internal mechanisms…

#3 – Make Sure It’s Waterproof.

Because what’s a good vibrator if it can’t handle liquids?

First, you’ll need to clean it every now and then. And while you’re usually wiping it, you don’t want the digital mechanisms to touch water.

Also, water entering your video camera would be bad…

It can fog up the lens (or even worse) mess with the wiring.

#4 – Cord Options.

A good video camera vibrator can be connected to computer, smartphone, and laptop in many ways.

Why? Because what use is it recording, if you can’t move the footage around?

After all, you’ll need to do some edits, cloud storage, uploads, etc.

Another Interesting Option.
Why not look for a sex toy camera with wireless transmission?

That’s another easy method of transferring information. In fact, you can even do live streams that way!

It saves you the trouble of recording, then uploading. And even better, it gives you adjustment options as you record…

Such As?
You get to see first-hand if you’re holding the camera right.

You can use the video camera vibrator while looking at a screen to see how you’re handling it. From there, you can adjust how you use it.

And yes, using a sex toy camera is a skill.

It requires a bit of shooting prowess, plus what you do on tape!

#5 – Safe and Hygienic Material.

We saved the most important tips for last.

Your health matters when using sex tapes. So you don’t want a vibrator made of products that irritate your sexual organs.

The material has to be hygienic. It shouldn’t be reactive. And it should be safe and environmentally-friendly.

Try a silicon-made vibrator.

There’s a reason why breast implants are made of it. And that’s because it’s non-reactive, non-irritant, and resistant to moisture and temperature.

So it won’t hurt to have a vibrator of similar material too. Especially since it’ll be around sensitive tissue!

Your vibrator should be latex-free.

Some people are allergic to it, or might have mild reactions. And if that’s you, you don’t want that near sensitive vaginal tissue!

Final Tip.

It’s time to buy your sex toy camera. But here’s something to remember…

How effective it is has to do with skill. It takes time to master something that lets you record while doing sexual acts.

So be sure to get your vibrator, and start using it now! Learn more, visit: Beyourlover


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